November 18th 1949 Enugu
Decades ago, Coal was king and Enugu was the richest in coal of West Africa. Enugu’s coal fueled the British Empire through World War 1 and 2.

Conditions for the coal miners were unfair and harsh. The brits would overhire leaving some men showing up to be told they were not needed.

Tired of their conditions, workers purposely slowed down their production which greatly affected their British employers. Striking was illegal in the colony. This plan of working slow was a way of being “rebellious” within the confines of the law!

The British started closing mines down in retaliation and the guys at Iva wasnt having it. They showed up in protest. The story gets cloudy from here but unarmed men were fired upon killing 21 miners and injuring 51.

HERE IS THE IRONY… No ethnic group has done or sacrificed more for the birth of a sovereign Nigeria than the Igbo. Today, the Igbos are the most marginalized. This massacre was one of many events that galvanized people to break from the chains of Britain.

Have they forgotten? NOVEMBER 18TH!


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