HISTORY: Still on Aro Confederacy, Arondizuogu


Arondizuogu in Imo state is the BIGGEST Aro colony outside of Arochukwu. It sits on fertile land won through conquest mainly from land given to them from Umualaoma town (formerly Isiokpu)

It was founded in the 18th century by the great slave merchant/ warrior/ leader MAZI IZUOGU MGBOKPO and Chief servant Iheme. Leaders of that community who followed him were also formidable slave merchants like Mazi Okoli Idozuka who expanded Arondizuogu boundaries.

They have 20 towns and 10 autonomous communities with their own eze. I believe Awa-Izuogu is considered the head. There are a couple versions of the origins of Ikeji festival… Here is my favorite one.

“The origin of the Ikeji Festival of Arondizuogu has as many as four versions and it is difficult to ascertain or verify the genuine one. In the first, a certain warrior named Dikeji from Arochukwu conquered a place and subjected the vanquished ruler to pay him tributes. After sometime, the tributes stopped coming and Dikeji went back in anger and beheaded the ruler. He took the head to Arochukwu where the event was celebrated in Ujalli as Ikeji Ugwo”


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