THINGS HAS FALLEN APART, but there’s goodnews from our ancestors!

“They have won our brothers and our clan can no longer act as one,they have put a knife on the thing that held us together and we have fallen apart ”
He is from Ọka, she is from Ọka, one people one culture nice couple deeply in love but forced to go apart because the man is Ọdinanị Faithful, the woman a follower of European religion.

“…They have put a knife on the thing that held us together and we have fallen apart”
She is from Uli, he is from Uli, both are christian, both are great lovers, but they must part ways in tears, for the man is Catholic christian and the woman Pentacostal christian,so they couldnt agree
The Town Development Union president is Anglican, the committee chairman is catholic, five years after, the school could not be built because the Anglicans want it in a different location from the catholics …in the same town, one people, one language, yet the church wall between them is a hard rock. Why?
And Ancestor Chinua Achebe would reply
“They have won our brothers and our clan can no longer act as one…”

Why is it so hard for our brothers and sisters to see that Christianity/Islam is not religion but weapon of divide and conquer.
Why is it difficult for you to see that their main objective is to keep us divided and distanced from our true selves.
It’s only Ọdịnanị that truly believes in “Ndụ mmiri ndụ azụ”, its with Ọdịnanị that a man is judged by the character of his person, not based on the deity he venerates. In ọdịnanị a woman can instal the altar of her patron deity in her husbands house without having to explain whether she believes in Purgatory. No man kills another man because he venerates a different deity. Acts of mass bloodshed such as the Crusade and Jihad are unimaginable in Ọdịnanị.

The mantra of Ọdịnanị never wanders far from “Onye biri ibe ya biri” Its this superior belief that the white invaders envied and sought to destroy, the discovery that such a “primitive” people could present such an advanced spirituality was too bitter to swallow, all that was needed was to arm some of our own brothers with his weapon (christianity) and today, anarchy is loosed upon the land.
So he “won our brothers and our clan can no longer act like one”
It is not enough that they divided ndigbo between Ọdịnanị and the invaders religion, they have gone a step higher to ensure that even within their own christian rank you still cannot speak as one people as they continue to pull the strings of disunity all the way from Rome, England, America.
Open your eyes and see that we are at war.
My name is Ozioma Odinani, I bring good news from our Ancestors


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