According to the world terrorist index released sometimes last year by Transparency International, the Fulani herdsmen remained and are still the most deadly terrorist group in the world, yet the Nigerian government never see them as such or deemed it fit to proscribe them as a terrorist group in the country.

Due to this Kangaroo approach and the kid gloves treatment handed to these mauruders by the Nigerian authorities, the Fulani herdsmen has degenerated into a deadly killer machines across the country in recent times. Many towns and villages has been ransacked while innocent citizens who were lucky enough have been displaced from their ancestral homes, while a numerous others has their throats slit and their skulls smashed, even in their sleep.

Since the Nigerian authorities has been keeping blind eye and deaf ears to the plight of mostly Christian communities on a daily basis, we are calling the world leaders, men and women of good conscience to interven and persuade the Nigerian authorities to call for a referendum to be conducted to enable the various federating units especially the Christians to decide whether to still remain in the union or leave, since that is the only seemingly solution.


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