Africa is arguably the most largest and the

most blessed continent in the whole world with her vast natural resources and the most beautiful weather condition that cannot be found else- where in any other continent.

If her vast natural resources of gold, silva, diamond, coal, taumarin, oil and gas etc. can be harnessed and managed properly by the African leaders, there will be a reverse migration from Europe and the Amercas to Africa I can assure you.

But due to bad and corrupt leadership, her leaders has been allowing themselves to be used as a pupet for the Western powers which is why her citizens, mostly youths have found it worthy to die on a daily basis in the Mediterranean sea rather than stay back home and die of hunger and frustration.

It is very disheartening and pathetic to see these vibrant and able bodied youths from Africa to constantly embarking on expedition which is completely suicidal while trying to cross the Mediterranean with a rickety boats in search of greener pastures in Europe.

What can be done to see that this senseless suicide of African youths in the Mediterranean should be permanently stopped? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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