The Igbos has been at the receiving end of gross injustices and marginalization since after the civil war of 1967 to 1970. They have been simultaneously excluded from the scheme of things as it concerned Nigeria politics and governance.

Many government that has come on board seemed to follow the same way of their predecessors working against the interest of ndigbo by using severe government policies to make sure that development is far from realization in the whole of Igbo land and Biafra region in general. The igbos is usually seemed to be remembered as an Integra part of Nigeria only during election period in order to get their votes to ride to power and they will be immediately relegated to the background as nonentities.

These injustices is what they have bear until they got fed up and decided to take their destinies into their own hands by declaring for election boycott throughout their regions.

Here are their reasons for making such decision:

1. The INEC is not independent because they are biased and hence, cannot conduct a free, fair and credible election devoid of rigging and manipulation by their paymasters (the Cabals in Aso Rock). Because as we know, he who pays the Piper dictates the tone! And then again, those who cast the votes decides nothing but it is usually those who count the votes that decides everything.

2. We will not vote because it will still be a win win situation for the northern Hausa Fulanis again irrespective of who won between the two major political parties PDP or APC. The Presidency was not made for only Fulanis in a supposedly secular nation and a federal republic at that. (Rotational and federal character is no longer respected from the presidency to the security and other sectors which has been dominated by only northern Hausa Fulani).

3. We are not voting because I refused to take the bait of Vice Presidency which was thrown at ndigbo in order to lure us like a fish towards the fishing hook in order to continue the massacre, injustices and gross marginalization once we have swallowed the bait by casting our votes. So, we have gotten wiser not to allowed ourselves to continued being played ever again by our continuous participation in an election in a country where we were constantly relegated to the background immediately after casting our votes only to be remembered again after each four years, never again!

4. We are not voting because we refused to agree with you that if we have Mr. Peter Obi as the VP to a Fulani man, that he (Obi) can help attract infrastructure and development to my region without considering that if he tends to be too intelligent and smart to enforce something tangible for ndigbo,that they will use the massive two-third majority of the northern lawmakers to impeach him overnight with a heavy allegation and install another Fulani man in his place and thereby making our votes irrelevant since they have used it to achieve want they wanted! Even the Yorubas will massively join in the impeachment process to see that it went through to in order to prove to us that ndigbo is not needed in this fraudulent union.

5. We do not want to vote because even if we and the entire IPOB family members decided to vote massively for Kingsley Moghalu who is an illustrious Igbo son vying for the first position instead of second position like Obi, our votes will still not count, for the fact that the person who will count the votes and announce the results is a Fulani man whose two brothers are also contesting.

Then again, even if we decid to take the results to the court to challenge it through legal means, another Fulani man (in)Justice Mohammed Tanko who was just brought in as the new Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) specifically for this dirty job will still judge and favour his brethren thereby making our efforts of voting null and void.

6. We will not vote and will continue to boycott Nigeria selection they called election until there is a level playing ground for all and sundry.

7. We will not participate in the voting exercise because we are fade up with the government of Nigeria and her people and wants to go back home to our own country where we will have dignity and respect and where we will be free to attain our full potential in life.

We will simply sit at the comfort of our homes and enjoy ‘Ofe Okazi’ on the day of voting!


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