Abstract: Igbos are a people who genealogically descended from Gad, the sevent son of Jacob (Israel). They are scattered across the width and breath of Southeastern Nigeria and other parts in the British created country of Nigeria. Many are resident in the hinterlands while a lot others are residing in the coastal regions of the country.

Let me take this time out to write on the somewhat chequered and distorted history of ndigbo especially those from the coastal regions of Biafra land, places like;
-Rivers State
-Delta State
-Benue State
– and Lower Kogi (where we have Igala, Igbira, Igede Igbanke or Igbo-Akiri).
You see, we have a lot of distorted town names which we have to reverse in order to go back to our origin and root. These town names were deliberately changed by the British and their household slaves the Hausa- Fulani’s with an intention to divide and rule us and as well as to make us appear to minorities in our own eyes and in the eyes of other ethnic groups in the country.

Most town names we see today are not the original names we bear before the white men set foot on our land, places like;
1. Ahaba which was changed to ‘Asaba’
2. Igbo-uzo which was changed to ‘Ibuza’
3. Onicha which was changed to ‘Onitsha’
4.Oka which was changed to ‘Awka’

And so was
5. Igwe Ocha which was changed to
6. Elelenwa was changed to ‘Elelenwo’
7. Umuokoro was changed to ‘Rumu-Okoro’
8. Umuibekwe was changed to ‘Rumu-ibekwe’
9. Umu-Olu was changed to ‘Rumu-Ola’ etc.

All these names was deliberately changed in order to make our town names meaningless and to misinform the younger generation to believing that they are from somewhere else and not Igbo!
And if they have had the opportunity, they would have also changed places like:
-Aba to Rumu-Aba
-Ngwa to Rumu-Ngwa
-Umuahia to Rumuahia
And maybe
-Umuoji to Rumuoji
-Obosi to Rumuobosi
-Ogidi to Rumuogidi
-Nkpor to Rumunkpor just to divide us further and separate us from our kith and kins, flesh and blood.

But we must refute their divide and rule tactics and embrace one another as the descendants of Gad and to know that we have one progenitor and ancestor called Eri!

By Comrade Princewill Akubumma


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