Chronicles Of The Biafra Tale


Somewhere in West Africa, in a place named Nigga-area otherwise known as Nigeria by the British who created her for their own personal experiment and selfish gain, there came a crown Prince from a very quiet and peaceful community of Afar-Ukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia province of Biafra land.


his crown Prince was sent by the God of Biafrans, Eze Chiukwu Okike Abiama who saw their ordeals and sufferings at the hands of their oppressors who has subjugated and enslaved them for too long.

Upon appearing, this crown Prince made his assignment known to the Biafrans, friends of Biafrans and the enemies of Biafrans as well. He made everyone to know that he came to deliver us from subjugation and slavery, and not for political position or fame.

In order to pass his message of salvation to all and sundry, he opened a radio Biafra platform through which he disseminates the message of redemption , that the hope of those are in hopelessness should be revived, and that the spirit of those who are dying should be re-awakened.

And when he came down from his abode to meet his people and speak to them according to the ordinances of the most high, the enemies who has been holding his people in hostage seek for a means to eliminate him.

They conspired and arrested him and threw him in the dungeon of the DSS from where they dealt mercilessly with him using all kinds of means to break down his die hard spirit.
But when his followers all over the world and his lawyers revolted, they moved him to Kuje Prisons in a place called Abuja.
Upon remanding him in prison custody, they sought for allegations with which to jail him for life, but when they couldn’t find any, they sought to kill him in the prison custody.

But for the fact that his time has not come, and for the fact that his assignment has not been accomplished, they didn’t succeed.
He was finally granted bail with the most inhumane stringent conditions ever seen or heard any where in the world, yet, the God of Biafrans through men of goodwill sureteed and rallied around him to see that he came back in one piece.

After he stepped foot on Biafra soil, he moved to visit the most sacred places and traditional rulers’ places in Biafra land to pay homage and to complete some part of his assignment.

And it came to pass, that any city he entered, all the Biafran people whose hopes are being revived through his message of hope and redemption will flock around him like sheep looking unto their shephard for food.
Then out of jealousy, all the other Princes and rulers yet again sought for a means to silence him and eliminate him forever.
So it was, on the 14th day of the ninth month, in the year 2017, that the armies from the enemies camp, the Islamic army from the north by the order of the other Princes and rulers in Biafra land, invaded his home and killed everyone on sight including some animals in his household which resulted in his disappearance, together with his aged royal parents.

Then after that, all the other Princes of the land and rulers of the people went to the north and celebrated his ordeals and the calamity they brought upon him and his household with the enemies of the people called northern Caliphates.

Then as days goes by, they relaxed their nerves and went back to their business of looting and subjugation of the Biafran people. They started to campaign for elections once again in order to continue with their usual business of enriching themselves and their families at the expense of those who the crown Prince has once came to redeem.

Then it came to pass, on the 19th day, in the tenth month of the year 2018 when the atmosphere was charged, with all the political gladiators warming up to appear on the stage to further subjugate and enslave the Biafran people and to hold them hostage in Nigeria against their wish, that the crown Prince appeared again, but this time, in the holy land of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel at the western wall where he went to pray to Okike and to seek for direction in order to complete the assignment and accomplish the mission of freeing his people from slavery.

His name is mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the crown Prince of Afara-Ukwu Ibeku, the heir to the throne of Eze Israel Okwu Kanu (Eze Ome -udo 1 of Ibeku).
He is the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)
All hail the Prince
God bless Biafra

From the Archives:
Author – Princewill Akubumma
All rights reserved


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