ALỤSỊ – What it means.


As part of the grand design to create a sacred society habitable for man and spirits, a society where justice would reign Ndigboo (The Ancients) made decrees of justice, for their could be no peace without justice; “Egbe bere Ugo bere” , “Ndụ mmiri ndụ azụ” they said, “onye biri ibe ya biri” they said.

Bụt Ndị mbụ na Ndị egede understanding the frailty of human nature went further to set up altars of Justice, altars powered by Aja Anị Igbo, the guardian spirit of Igboland.

Amadioha Shrine
Entrance to Ubinukpabi cave

They had just one intent, to create a society that protects the weak and the strong, a society where disgusting abominations will not find root to defile the works of Chukwu Okike.

So they gathered before Aja Anị Igbo, Mother Earth and invoked Her powers of life and death, of fire, of water and of wind unto the Altars in one voice with one single declaration:

ALỤ kwụ SỊ!! (May abomination Cease),
but in our usual haste of speech our tongues say it’s ALỤSỊ.


Alụ Kwụ Sị, so women could lay their wares for sale unprotected and go their farms, while a solitary buyer buys and leaves behind the exact amount.

A man whose arm is twisted by injustice, approaches the ALỤKWỤSỊ for justice.

The rememberance of ALỤKWỤSỊ would force down an erect penis whose aim is a fellow man’s anus.

The thought of ALỤKWỤSỊ held back the desire by a woman to murder her husband in his sleep and a man from strangling his wife.

The thought of ALỤKWỤSỊ brought cold shivers down the spine of a father set to defile his own daughter.

The thought of ALỤKWỤSỊ struck fears into the heart ploting to shed blood.

It was the thought of ALỤKWỤSỊ that kept a fearless thief from digging up another mans yams.

Then they took our children with guns and bible and lied that ALỤSỊ, was their problem, ALỤKWỤSỊ was their demons.

And without thinking our children tore down the veil and let in the demons of their fathers enemies, and now they stand in helplessness and watch, as our land is ravaged with vile digusting abominations,their christianity is helpless, their education is powerless in the face of their ravaging demon.

Many of them, tongue speaking women now lack the guts to leave their own daughters for a moment behind a closed door with their own husbands. The more they “bind and cast” the demons, the more they multiply .Now they shiver in great tripidation and wonder in the silence of their hearts

“How did things get this bad…what is this world turning into…how did we get here ”

We got here by believing that a stranger who raped our mothers, murdered our fathers and enslaved our brothers can truly want us to be free.

Let us open our minds and study ọdịnanị a little deeper. The Igbos are the first born son of mother earth, a special people,the true salvation of the black race and the world is in our hands through #ỌdịnanịFaith

I bring good news from our Ancestors.

This piece was inspired by Nwabiaruije Izuchukwu exposé on the etymology of the word ALỤSỊ



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