IGBO HISTORY FROM THE ARCHIVE. Watch accompanying Video.

Abstract: The Igbos are civilized before the Europeans set foot on the African soil. Many archeological findings attests to this fact.

Many ancient videos shows how fast we embreasts western education far more than our neighbors from the northern and western parts of a place known today as Nigeria.

Video prove: Ancient Igbo community studying together.

Eze Nri Ifikuanim, the Priest-King of the ancient Nri kingdom of Igboland, was a highly intelligent and scholarly King who traded with other kingdoms, including Egypt, Ethiopia, India and as far as Babylon in the Middle-East. According to Igbo oral tradition, his reign started in 1043 and ended in 1089 when he died.

In 1959, his grave was unearthed by British Archaeologist Charles Thurstan Shaw (1914–2013) who discovered a burial chamber with remains adorned in robes, bronze crown, sceptre, staff and breast-plates adorned with precious stones that were evidence of a sophisticated Igbo civilization from the year 948 AD.

Source: HistoryVille


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