VIDEO: Weapons intercepted by security operatives in Nigeria in the build up for the 2019 general election.

By this video you will understand the reason why IPOB has been demanding for renegotiation of the unity of this entity called Nigeria through a peaceful means known to mankind which is REFERENDUM.

Many has been anticipating that the year 2019 in Nigeria is a year of decision making through voting process while many just as myself are seeing it as the end of one Nigeria!

In many other countries of the world, especially Africa where we love importing things from the western world without thinking on how to invent those things by ourselves.
Whenever their general election year approaches, what their leaders usually imports into their counties are electronic gadgets and equipments to facilitate free fair and credible elections, but here in Nigeria, the reverse is usually the case.
Because what our leaders imports here are usually weapons of various kinds with which to kill anyone who dares to stand in their way to power.

It is only in Nigeria that elections is seen as a do or die affair!
Those at the corridor of power who has done absolutely nothing to better the lives of the masses are ready to do anything humanly possible to retain their positions in government irrespective of the negative effects it might bring upon the masses.

2019 election in Nigeria is going to define the future of this giant fraud of a country which has been used as a business center by the British overlords for decades.

We must all rise up to support the upcoming Biafra referendum in order to chart a new course for ourselves and our generation unborn.


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