IPOB reacts to Nwodo’s hypocritical press statement, commend Amnesty International and others

IPOB PRESS RELEASE | Published By The Biafra Times

August 26, 2018

The attempt by Nnia Nwodo to endear himself to the wider public through his latest hypocritical press statement has failed woefully. If the aim is to milk the goodwill of our people still basking in the euphoria of the release of our mothers who were illegally abducted, shamefully detained and humiliated by the Nigerian state, he has failed woefully.

Where was Nwodo the day our mothers and grandmothers were humiliating corralled into a stinking prison by a Fulani Police Commissioner working on the orders of his fellow northerner Rochas Okorocha? Why didn’t he personally issue a statement? He didn’t because he was gloating that our mothers will suffer in detention as a way of getting back at IPOB. Those he spoke to told IPOB his exact words.

(John Nnia Nwodo the president general of Ohaneze Ndigbo)

His belated statement, issued earlier today, is too little too late and will not absolve him of his role in the ongoing persecution, murder and proscription of IPOB. When well-meaning people all over the world, including Oby Ezekwesili, a certain northern governor and presidential aspirant, were busy condemning the atrocious detention of innocent Igbo mothers, Nwodo and all Igbo governors maintained their usual slavish silence for fear of offending their northern masters. Ike Ekweremadu never uttered a word either. But his chieftaincy title is Ikeoha, which means the warrior of the people.



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