Detention, torture and inhumane treatment against the Biafran people in Nigeria is on the rise by the day.

For four days now, many Biafran women who hits the streets of Owerri, Imo state Nigeria on Friday August 17, 2018 in a peaceful protest in demands for the whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu who has been missing along side his Royal Family members since last year’s September when the Fulani dominated Nigerian army invaded his home in Afara-Ukwu community in Abia state Nigeria.

These defenseless women (many in their late 70s) has been held in prison custody for exercising their rights to freedom of association and self-determination by the Nigerian government under the watchful eye of the Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha. Many of them were reported to have fainted after they were ruthlessly teargased and tortured by the Nigerian combine forces of Police, DSS and army.

They were arraigned in court on Monday August 20 2018 and we’re denied bail by the magistrate who ordered them to be remanded in prison custody until September 3, 2018 when they shall be re-arraigned again.

Below are the images of them in the confinement they called prison custody and as well as images of them being conveyed back to prison after the court arraignment on Monday.

The world and humanity must intervene in the inhumane treatment being constantly meted out to Biafrans who are seeking for their self-determination and in Nigeria before things gets out of hand.



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