These among many numerous other things are the reasons why the Britain and some European powers has refused to give us Biafra.

Imagine when these raw talents that invented all these equipments are harnessed and encouraged by the government of Biafra to do more, don’t we think that there’ll be no more excess importation of goods which kills off the economy of any nation towing that path.


magine when Innoson motors is allowed to operate in a friendly environment without the government of Nigeria imposing some hostile policies on his firm, don’t we think that an average Biafran man or woman can own a flashy car which is proudly made in the Republic of Biafra?

How about the reopening of Ibeto cement factory to commence production since there’s raw materials underground in every Biafran territory, don’t we think that the hurdles of unemployment will die a natural death?

How about the excess coal deposit in Enugu province which was closed down by Nigerian government for years which I think has multiplied since it has not being mined for over a decade due to nepotism, bigotry and hatred for Biafrans. We must recall that the major export of the Democratic People Republic of Korea DPRK’s major export is coal which is one of their natural resources that keep boosting their economy but in Biafra, we have these coals in excess, we also have natural gas in quantum, as well as numerous other mineral resources under our feet, yet we are denied to excell as a people who should have been one of the prosperous nations in the world.

Imagine when all these blessings from Chiukwu Okike are harnessed and are used for the development of this God’s own nation Biafra, don’t we think that our youths will no longer queue up at the embassies killing themselves to obtain European visas, and that those already in Europe and America will return home in order to stop being disgraced by the police of their host nations for expired papers and for excessive taxations?

Don’t we think that our boys and girls who has been risking their lives to cross the Meditaranean sea to Europe with some rickety boats in search of greener pastures will notice that there’s already a greener pasture in Biafra?

The western world knew all these already because they were wondering what will be the fate of their economy when nothing is being exported to Africa from them anymore since most of those things can be proudly produced back home!

But be it as it may, the Republic of Biafra must be restored in order to bring a facelift and hope to the entire African continent.



    1. Yes you are correct when you say that Biafra is still an unresolved problem for Nigeria. The reason is that the handlers of Nigeria has been running a government of exclusion keeping Biafra at the bay from the scheme of things, this is among the numerous reasons why Biafra is demanding for the renegotiation of the union.

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      1. It could lead to a severe civil unrest. Because I don’t see the reason why people should be held in a union against their wish. There’s nothing to show that Biafrans are part of the Nigerian state, and besides there’s already hatred in our hearts against each other , the Yorubas don’t like the Igbos and the Fulanis and the Hausa’s don’t speak well about the igbos and Yorubas and vice versa. So no point enforcing unity where there’s non

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