The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern nations and called it Nigeria by the British overlords is simply a show of power and white supremacy over the blacks since none of our ancestors were consulted before it was amalgamated.

The British only invited the Biafrans chieves which consists of the Itsekiri, Opobo, Igbo and Ibibio chieves to endorse a document they knew nothing about its contents. Although history has it that such documents said that the amalgamation will stand as an experiment for only a hundred years starting from 1914 to 2014 after which, every nation and ethnicity can go back to their original state and geographical values as a people, yet the British has vehemently refused to free these people with divergent value system, culture and tradition because of their economic interest since after the expiration of the experiment in December 2014.

Therefore, the continue existence of Nigeria is a mockery to God and a challenge to the wisdom of God
Because nigeria is a mixture of:

Human beings and animals,
Light and darkness,
South and North
God and Satan,
Good and bad
Righteousness and Sin,
Integrity and Corruption,
Christianity and Islamic jihad,
Isaac and Ishmael,
Serah and Hagai.

The same situation God himself had faced in the holy book of Gen 21 vs 8-21 and could not restructure the situation (though he has the ability to do all things)

God in his wisdom separated them as the only wise solution,

Therefore, anyone praying, working and planning to fix or restructure Nigeria is making God a fool,
Otherwise, every reasonable human should follow the example of God which is SEPERATION.

Support Biafra restoration through Referendum today.


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