It is painful that no one is talking about the daily elimination of Biafrans in the Nigerian army whose positions and cover in the North East towns and in the Sambisa forest is constantly blown and compromised by their Northern generals and GOCs in the so called fight against terrorism.

Information from a reliable source proves that the lives of the soldiers from Biafra extraction and their other counterparts who are northern christians in the Nigerian army who chose to fight for a country that is not theirs and who chose to fight for a wrong course are in grave danger on daily basis as they are constantly been sabotaged and their covers constantly blown leading to the leaking of vital intelligence information to the insurgents who subsequently ambushed and kills them without any challenge and goes Scot free, carting away many armoury and other deadly weapons which was purchased with the Nigerian tax payers money.

The source of the information has it that those northern soldiers in the army and their GOCs are constanly having secret meetings which usually ends in ambushment of the locations occupied by the Christian soldiers by the insurgents in the Sambisa forest and elsewhere in the North East which usually results in mass death of these young gallant soldiers who were brainwashed to fight a terror group which was instituted by the same GOCs, northern Fulani politicians and the power that be.

The media was warned not to air the news of any ambushments against these innocent soldiers from Biafra extraction in order to keep the rest of Nigerians in the dark which is why we don’t normally gets the full details of what was happening in the Sambisa forest except if we have someone in the army who can reliably pass some vital information about what was going on.
This is what they do in order to prevent any questioning to ascertain what lead to this constant ambush by the Bokoharam against these christian soldiers in order to prevent any probe on the people that are complicit in this heinous crimes against humanity.

Recall that an army barack of more than 1000 soldiers was overran in the past week leading many Igbo/Christian/ Biafran soldiers to their early grave in the north east and the Nigeria useless media gave it a poor or no coverage at all but thank God for social media which has made it highly impossible for the actors of these heinous crimes to conceal their atrocities.

The bottom line is that the Nigerian army has been infiltrated by a huge number of Boko Haram terrorists whose job is to leak vital intelligence information from within the various barracks to their colleagues in the forests across the north east with the intent to wipe out any non muslim soldiers in the army, this claim can be confirmed by what some US intelligence revealed about what they encountered in past when they wanted to help rescue the Chibok girls that was abducted since 2014, one of the images attached to this post just said it all.

No one is safe anymore in this British business center called Nigeria since the army whose job is to protect the innocent citizens from insurgents and terrorists are now aiding and colliding in the ongoing killings happening in Nigeria.




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