VIEWPOINTS ON NIGERIA/BIAFRA WAR: C .Y . Mgonja, Minister of State ( Foreign Affairs), Tanzania, on Tanzania’s recognition of Biafra:

“Surely when a whole people is rejected by the majority of the state which they live, they must have the right to life under a different kind of arrangements which does secure their existence.

States are made to serve people, governments are established to protect the citizens of a state against external enemies and internal wrong-doers. It is on these grounds that people surrender their right and power of self-defence to the government of the state in which they live. But when the machinery of the State, and the power of the Government, are turned against a whole group of the society on the grounds of racial, tribal, or religious prejudice, then the victims have the right to take back the powers they have surrendered, and to defend themselves.”

People of Eastern Nigeria origin, mostly Igbo people were massacred in Northern Nigeria 1967 ( about 30.000 people. ) because of their race, tribe and religion.

I left Lagos to Ibadan and was there when J. T. U. Aguiyi Ironsi was assasinated in Fajuyi’s residence and the first announcement made by Gowon was Shocking:
“God in His mercy, has given the leadership of Nigeria yet to another Northerner!”
How on earth can somebody; a true Igbo man today still serve under Nigerian Government who still habour Igbo massacre and genocide. Ridiculous!!


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