Gowon and co set Nigeria on the part to perdition with Decrees 8 and 9 of 1967.

Gowon and co set Nigeria on the part to perdition with Decrees 8 and 9 of 1967 but deceived their blind followers into believing the vacuous narrative that Ironsi, who functioned all through his regime with the regional governors, abolished the federal system.

1. Ironsi promulgated the Decree 34, of May 24, 1966, which was erronously called unitary decree. It was not. It actually strengthened Nigeria Federalist outline in creation of Groups of Provinces. A kind of states within regions. That was to deepen the fedralist tune of Nigeria.

2. Gowon abolished this Decree with his Decree 9, August 30, 1966 and set Nigeria on the part of its currnt state.

3. Gowon followed with Decree 8, 1967, removing the powers of distinctiveness and independence of the regions. Targeted at the old Eastern Region, this decree remains as part of Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Its highest support came from the Western Nigeria and among the elites of the South-south – the COR elements.

4. Gowon promulgated Decree 14, balkanising Nigeria into 12 States, and the West and elites of the South South singing yooyoo, belieing the Igbo/old East were being taught a lesson.

5. Gowon followed with Nigeria Curency Decree (Eastern States) to control the flow of cash to the East. Nigerians sang: G,O,W,O.N = Go on with one Nigeria.

6. Gowon promulgated the Civil Service Entry amendment Decree: lowering the qaulification for entry into the senior cadre of the civil service of Nigeria with the exit of the East from Nigeria. The rest sang the praises of Gowon as ABU, Ife, Unilag, etc graduated 300 level students to take up senior civil service jobs.

7. Gowon promulgated the Forein Service Entry (Amendment) Decree, for same reasons as No. 6. Nigerians sang G.O.W.O.N.

8. Gowon promulgated the Abandoned property Decree 1970 to seize Igbo property in Port Harcourt. Nigerians sang yooyoo.

9. Gowon promulgated the Banking Obligations Decree 1970 to seize Igbo savings in Banks across Nigeria. Nigerians sang yoo yoo.

10. Today by the Nigerian Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, BON, Act, Ekiti Broadcasting Corporation has been stopped from operation.

11. Today, we now have a culture of government agencies seizing people’s cash, including pension funds and nothing can be done because of the Banking (obligations) Decree against the Igbo/East.

12. Nigeria gained independence from the British colonial masters in 1960 and lost it in 1967.
Please, find time and search out these laws.
They are all online.


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