I am internally drived to write on the current remaking of post 1945 international system, to what I called Trumpism. The end of the world war, brought to us an obviously divided world along the east and west paradgm and the passive “non allign movement” group who by all practical standard were alligned.

From 1945 till 1991, the world got herself into a more deadly wars that almost exploded forced mankind to close the history of humanity. For instance, the Suez Canal war, the Cuba missile crises, the Vietnam war, Korean war to mention but a few.

These are proxy wars fought among the divided lines (east and west). Since then, the world is moulded by Britain to believe that Russia and her friends are evil while she stands as the good angel. False narration!

From 1991 to 9-11-2001, there were less suspicion and panic in global relations as the collapse of USSR to Britain is the collapse of evil. From 9-11-2001, United State of America witnessed the unanticipated hit that humbled her off the list of the most secured countries. She wept uncontrollably at the amusement of the Arabs that Britain spoiled. Instead of Britain to assist US like Israel did, to punish the Jihadists, she condenmed US over her detention of some of the terrorists which there are some British citizens in Quamtanamo Bay.

Britain has intentionally decieved US to see Russia as an enemy instead of the dreaded Jihadists and Iran who are threats to US and Israel. Britain wants US to go to war with Russia so as to get the two destroy themselves to pave way for the Arabs to rule. Both US and Russia, see Jihadists as terrorists while UK sees them as friends and allies.

Today, a new world system is here! US Donald Trump said shockingly in British soil, “Russia is not our enemy, rather a competitor”. What a surprise message to the Queen and Theresa May! Trump further stated that he wants to make friends with Russia, China and the same vein dealing with NATO that guarrantees UK and others security. Nemesis at work!

Britain is feezling out soon as her child Nigeria is almost going into extinction. US/Russia relationship means that no one is there to secure Britain if Russia chooses to punish her. Her exit from EU has robbed her of the regional security benefit. Though Angela Merkel of Germany loves and trusts Russian Putin than British Queen. Germans still believed that Britain should be punished over her conspiracy against them during the world wars.

Israel in other hand hates Britain right from her role from 1949 Arab/Israeli wars. Even her later roles in arming enemies of Israel in the region of middle East draws Israel’s anger on Britain. It was Britain that talked Obama into going to Iran nuclear deal when Britain knew such will empower Iran against Israel’s interests. While she was talking Barack Obama into that disaster, she was looking sideways over Hezbollah, Hamas terror attacks on Israel. So if there should be any opportunity for Israel to attack UK, she will do same with praises.

India is not left out from British evil. Britain has been arming Indian rival, Pakistan. Infact, that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons today is because Britain aided them to possess it. Britain has been arming Pakistan dangerously against India. Within Pakistan, there are M15, M16 trained deadly groups that have been posing a great threat to India. Osama understood that, that was why he went to Abutalab in Pakistan to hide. It is the same Pakistan that Britain uses as a source of arming illegally Nigeria against Biafra. Many Fulani trained terrorists are trained in Pakistan against Biafran population.

Today, Trump, Putin and Benjamin Natanyahu wants to enter Africa that British activities centuries ago have destabilized. These group of three are obviously interested in fixing and redrawing African map for peace in the region. This means that Britain will loose a lot as the present status quo enriches her. Her present economic and political woes will not allow her smile at anyone who wants to redraw African map. She needs the present African map in order to survive her Brexit and other economic woes. Can Britain afford to go to war to maintain the status quo? No, she has no military weight to achieve that as her military might depends on NATO while her intelligent sources depends on Israel and US sources.

She has no option than to run and advise Nigeria to run to China for help. Britain is in secret pact with China for help in Africa. She has advised Nigeria to rapor with China so as to save Nigeria from collapse. No wonder Nigeria against US is encouraging more trade from China and the same hand calling for currency swap. How powerful is China in the whole game? Not much dare! If US and Israel could sacrifice UK’s interests in Syria by allowing Alsad be, Russia will sacrifice China’s interests in Africa by supporting whatever is US/Israel interests in Nigeria. At the end, Biafra will come!


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