Nnamdi Kanu’s Prophecy

On Nnamdi Kanu prophecy, Gbenga Olu a Yoruba man has this to say:

Yea, some of us felt some wisdom in Kanu’s proclamation out of shear tribalism inclination in Nigeria no one cared to listen to the young man who spoke like john the Baptist, preparing the way for the liberation of his people from bondage of slavery. Just like Herod, Kanu’s head was served on a tray pan to prevent him from saying those piercing words that unsettled the minds of our enemies. In developed nations, people like Kanu shouldn’t be wasted. Today those who celebrated his killing or abduction are mourners; burying their kith and kins in thousands. Personally, I believed that there must have been some important messages in all his utterances on the coming of the Fulani supremacy. I know that Kanu’s ardent haters will call me all sort of names after reading my comment. Who cares if you cut off the head for allowing the mouth to say the truth?

I am not Igbo but I have always believed and loved everything concerning Kanu, I saw him as a prophet since 2013.

Buhari knew that Kanu knows their plan that was why he was quick to shut him up. Now, he’s either blind to see or deaf and dumb to hear the atrocities perpetrated by his kinsmen.

Remember he was still recuperating when he tackled Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB but now clueless about the Fulani herdsmen. He first of all blamed the victims for being bad neighbors for attacking the herdsmen, then he shifted the blame to Ghadaffi and his boys from Libya, then politician, now climate change. He will son blame God. Hypocrite in high places places
Support Biafra Referendum and Save Life.


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