The Banning Of Okada In Anambra and The Untold Hardship It Has Brought In Its Wake.

ANAMBRA – The month of July has been so frustrating to Okada ridders in Onitsha, Awka and environs.
As lot of Biafrans whose only means of livelihood is the Okada business, those that are into the selling of the spare parts, as well as those who repairs them are not left out of this sudden hardship brought upon them by the state government who doesn’t provide jobs but only took away the ones provided by these hardworking peasants who were trying to make ends meet in order to feed and carter for their families.

I broke down in tears over the weekend as I walked passed the ever busy motorcycle spare parts in Nkpor near New tyre market as I saw all the shops owned by these hardworking Biafrans closed down as many of the owners were strolling up and down aimlessly at the front of the market while many were sitting nearby clutching their jaws in their palms thinking so deeply on where to go from here, I really felt bad at the sight of them.
I also interviewd a lot of them who were able to pull themselves together to talk and what I heard was so terrible!

As we speak, a lot of children has been withdrawn from school, while many families are confused as to where to go from here since their only means of survival has been taken away without remores by a government that never cared, whose only care is towards their own immediate families and friends.

Recall that it is barely one month of the destruction of many shops by the road sides belonging to the poor citizens whose ordeals is still fresh in the oven by this same government who never erected any infrastructure or provided any permanent jobs to these teeming population who are fighting for survival in the state that this banning of Okada took place which also affected those using the same for private purposes thereby making it extremely difficult for movement from one place to another for the fact that these tricycles cannot navigate through the streets due to bad condition of the street roads and many other numerous factors.

We must understand that we are still among the third world countries that are still undergoing development which is why I see this move and harsh policy by this government to have been borne out of wickedness rather than out of modern civilization as they claimed.

Don’t get it twisted, I am not against rural development and civilization as we are meant to understand to be the reasons for imposing of this harsh policy that has today left many in hopelessness and abject poverty.
But what I am totally against here is the government’s insensitivity and as well as their inability to provide an alternative means of survival before the implementation of the policy.

Although it has been argued in many quarters that this government have contracted some automobile company in Japan to mass produce some mini buses as a replacement, then i ask, will heaven fall if the government has given these poor masses between six to eight months notice and mandated everyone of them to go for a proper registration during this period so as to make the necessary documentations,in order to enable everyone of them to be able to collect the mini buses as an alternative at then end of the given period in order to avert this suffering being experienced today by many families.

But unfortunately, this government didn’t do this but all they did was to give only a 30 day notice and enforced it on the masses before embarking on the provision of the so called alternative which at the end of the day might not get to everybody due to the stringent conditions applied attached which time and space may not permit me to narrate here.

Furthermore, the approval of the contract for the mass production of these mini buses as an alternative to Okada as given to a foreign automobile company in Japan where as there is an indigenous automobile company in the state will be a topic for another day!

But be it as it may, this government I think, has something up their sleeves going by many findings which is proving that this move and the destruction of shops by the road side is noting but imposition of their own private business on the poor masses who has no other choice than to accept it in good faith or die in hunger, which is too bad!

Finally, another rumour is gathering momentum that Tricycle otherwise known as Keke will soon follow suit as the government is also remorselessly producing another Keke in disguise which according to them will replace the former ones we know which many people has suffered to procure by every means necessary.

Taking a look at the images attached to this post, you will understand what I am trying to portray here, but we must be rest assured that no government nor regime has lasted forever, it is just in a matter of time, and all these corrupt leaders will be relegated to the background through our massive votes in the upcoming Biafra referendum which is seemingly the last hope of the common man in this part of the world.

We must support Biafra referendum since the emergence of Biafra as a Republic will bring hope and future to us all.
All hail Biafra.

Akubumma Princewill is an activist and a writer at Biafra Times.


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